Radio Arcane : 02 : Funeral Party Records

Second episode from Radio Arcane with hosts Brian Drabant, Motuvius Rex, Gothic Bastard and Sorrow Vomit : Featuring interview with Brian Cole of Funeral Party Records as well as music from the Funeral Party music vault and a few unreleased tracks : Specialty segment 'Deep Cuts' with Sorrow Vomit with more Funeral Party selections : And quite a bit of awkward banter between the hosts to keep them from weeping and moaning their mortal gloom. Recorded and produced at the non-profit Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY, Radio Arcane is a collective of Dark Music Specialists that host events, live music and dark arts entertainment.

To purchase tracks from Funeral Party on their website or through Bandcamp -


01 : Garden of Mary - Departure of Christ
02 : Captive - Black Leather Glove
03 : The Column - Sparrows Tongue
04 : Buzz Kull - The Garden (feat. Modern Heaven)
05 : Night Thoughts - Century Eyes
06 : Gouge - Wither Under My Hands
07 : Night Sins - Enamored And Nailed Shut
08 : Lace - Tension
09 : Fearing - In The Fog (Part Time Punks)
10 : Death Bells - Only You
11 : Glaare - Suffer
12 : Temple Of Angels - Permanent Twilight
13 : Jon Edifice - Lone Gunman

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